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Learn how Keving started in magic.

One book of magic checked out of the local library at the age of 5 was all it took to set a small boy's dream in motion. That one book stirred an imagination and filled it with magic and fantastic illusion. That one influential book set in motion a lifetime of performances that have amazed and astounded thousands of people throughout this magical career.

As a child, Kevin Heller was obsessed with becoming a magician. Throughout the years, he has meticulously studied thousands of books, watched literally thousands of magic shows, and through thousands of performances has spent countless years developing a magical style that he could call his own.

At 14 years old, Kevin performed his first "paid gig" for which he was paid $25. Times have sure changed and the days of the $25 booking are long gone, but so are the days of the $25 show.

Today, Kevin tours throughout the midwest with what has been described as a roller coaster ride of magic, comedy and illusion. Along with his wife Robin, the couple has become a magical tour de force. From the smallest banquet rooms to the largest grandstands and theaters, Kevin and Robin have presented their unforgettable style of magic for corporate and private events, schools and colleges, fairs, festivals and theaters throughout the Midwest.

Your mind will bend when you see the large "Vegas Style" stage illusions only to be bent in another direction by even the most intimate miracles that may happen right in your own hands. Call today and experience the magic for yourself.

Expect the unexpected...

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